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What Is Considered Independent Living?

A happy older adult woman watering the plants of the independent living home.

Independent living offers a setup for older adults who desire to maintain their independence while freeing themselves from the burdens of daily household tasks and maintenance. In these communities, residents have private, fully-equipped homes nestled within a neighborhood of peers so that they can live autonomously without the concerns of property upkeep. Residents of independent […]

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What’s it Like to Live in a 55+ Retirement Community?

A smiling mature resident sits on a blue couch while enjoying a cup of tea.

What’s it Like to Live in a 55+ Retirement Community? Life in a Retirement Community Moving can be exciting and challenging at any age, but it helps to know what to expect. When your next move is to a retirement community, you might wonder what the lifestyle is like. Every community is unique, as retirement […]

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