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Category: Moving to Senior Living

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What’s it Like to Live in a 55+ Retirement Community?

A smiling mature resident sits on a blue couch while enjoying a cup of tea.

What’s it Like to Live in a 55+ Retirement Community? Life in a Retirement Community Moving can be exciting and challenging at any age, but it helps to know what to expect. When your next move is to a retirement community, you might wonder what the lifestyle is like. Every community is unique, as retirement […]

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When Should Retirees Downsize Their Home?

Senior couple in their new home with several moving boxes stacked and ready to be unpacked

Have you recently retired? Do you find yourself spending more time dusting unused rooms and sorting through decades of clutter instead of pursuing hobbies? If the halls of your home are feeling more echoey than inviting, it may be time to consider downsizing. Not sure it’s the right time to move? Start by exploring your […]

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How Do You Start Downsizing & Decluttering?

A senior couple boxing up their belongings to move out and downsize to a senior living community

You’ve decided now is the time to downsize and clear out your home. Perhaps you’ve chosen to take advantage of the carefree senior living lifestyle. You’ve picked the perfect community and have a gorgeous suite with your name on it—there’s just no way all the stuff in your current house could possibly fit! Before you […]

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