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Upscale Living Spaces Designed for Seniors

Apartments at The Lodge at Truitt Homestead are designed thoughtfully for our residents. We’ve curated each unit with luxury in mind, creating tasteful and comfortable living spaces within our beautiful community. 

We have various floorplans available, built and furnished with a sharp eye on the fine details. If you’re interested in high-end senior living, contact our lovely staff for a tour of our community.

Gorgeous & Functional Floorplans

The Lodge at Truitt Homestead features some of the largest independent living apartments in the area. We offer standard, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom options, with a sleek, refined design highlighting our coastal influences. 

Our independent living apartments feature:

  • Patios, balconies, or sunrooms 
  • Designer kitchens 
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Full-size washer and dryer
  • Open-concept floorplans

Fall in Love With Your Next Home

Standard Unit Floorplans

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Standard Unit – Type 1

598 SF

Standard Deluxe – Type 1

650 SF

Standard Deluxe – Type 2

674 SF

One Bedroom Floorplans

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One Bedroom Deluxe -Type 1

676 SF

One Bedroom Deluxe -Type 2

761 SF

One Bedroom Deluxe -Type 3

774 SF

One Bedroom Deluxe -Type 4

779 SF

One Bedroom – Type 1

676 SF

One Bedroom -Type 2

711 SF

Two Bedroom Floorplans

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Two Bedroom Deluxe -Type 1

1020 SF

Two Bedroom Deluxe -Type 1A

1023 SF

Two Bedroom Deluxe -Type 1B

1020 SF

Two Bedroom Deluxe -Type 2

1102 SF

Two Bedroom – Type 3

1253 SF

Two Bedroom -Type 4

1337 SF

Two Bedroom -Type 1

995 SF

Two Bedroom -Type 1A

1015 SF

Two Bedroom -Type 1B

1016 SF

Our Lifestyle

Independent Living

Luxury living, your way. Spend time doing what you love most while someone else takes care of the details. Flexible health and wellness services, a beautiful campus, and stunning, spacious apartments ensure your home is a welcome retreat after a fun-filled day. We value your independence, and our services are designed to help you retain it!

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