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Proud to Welcome Everyone

When you live at The Lodge at Truitt Homestead, your whole, authentic self can shine. We acknowledge, celebrate, and support every person in our community, regardless of lifestyle or identity. 

We have a diverse group of residents here. To ensure our staff can appropriately care for our LGBTQ+ elders and everyone in between, we pursue further education and training to stay abreast of best practices. 

If you have any questions about inclusivity at The Lodge, please feel free to reach out—we’re always happy to chat.

SageCare Certified & Trained

The staff at The Lodge accepts and cares for everyone in our community. And we have the training to do so. We are proud pupils of SAGECare, an organization that provides LGBTQ+ competency consulting and training, and are the only coastal community in the mid-Atlantic with this certification. With this competency training, our LGBTQ+ residents receive a new level of compassion and understanding permeating everything from communication and events to services and amenities—not to mention everything else we offer at The Lodge.

We’re Committed to Inclusivity

We’re dedicated to providing the best care possible for each of our residents, no matter who they are. Visit us to find out more about our commitment to quality services and inclusivity.

Our Lifestyle

Independent Living

Luxury living, your way. Spend time doing what you love most while someone else takes care of the details. Flexible health and wellness services, a beautiful campus, and stunning, spacious apartments ensure your home is a welcome retreat after a fun-filled day. We value your independence, and our services are designed to help you retain it!

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