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What Does Active Senior Retirement Community Mean?

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Retirement can mean transitioning into a new stage of life. Seniors may be looking for a fresh lifestyle change and seek out a new community to begin that next stage of life. A dedicated team can make all the difference when searching for your new home. 

Let’s look at what an active senior retirement community is and some benefits it holds for seniors transitioning to retirement. 

What Is an Active Senior Retirement Community?

Active senior communities, also known as 55-plus communities, are age-restricted and allow their residents to enjoy a brand new environment with like-minded people in the same age group. 

This familiarity can introduce more socializing opportunities and a more independent lifestyle. Being responsible for your own home and sharing a close-knit community with others is a key aspect of active senior retirement communities. 

Some aspects of active senior communities include:

  • Limited services and amenities
  • Care services are not included 
  • More day-to-day responsibilities

An active senior retirement community is an excellent way to maintain your independence as long as you’re safely able to do so. 

Active senior communities aren’t much different from other residential communities. These communities are designed with a retirement-friendly, low-maintenance lifestyle in mind. Interior maintenance and daily upkeep are up to the homeowner, which can instill a familiar level of independence while transitioning into retirement.

Most healthy seniors can excel in active retirement communities and enjoy the benefits of independence with minimal need for assistance.

Pros & Cons of Active Senior Retirement Communities

Exploring the pros and cons of active senior retirement can help you understand how it differs from other senior living options. Here are some key points to consider: 

Pros of Active Senior Retirement Communities

  • Low maintenance for interiors and exteriors of your home
  • Opportunities to socialize and make friends with other retirees
  • A quiet environment without the presence of many young children
  • The opportunity to begin a new chapter of life with your independence

Cons of Active Senior Retirement Communities

  • Lack of age diversity
  • There are little to no care services included
  • You may feel alienated from other family members

Both the pros and cons outline a particular but exciting lifestyle to explore. Active senior retirement communities allow for a brand new outlook on life post-retirement.

Other Active Senior Communities

If a 55-plus active senior retirement community isn’t what you’re looking for, an independent living community is an excellent option.

An independent living lifestyle includes that extra time you need to inspire new activities, reignite your hobbies, and give you a new outlook on life while ensuring all your needs are looked after. 

Your independent living lifestyle begins with a personalized apartment that includes:

  • Modern, open-concept living
  • Spacious patios and balconies
  • Large master bedrooms
  • Varied floorplans

Independent living focuses on handling the aspects of daily living while you focus on socializing and new hobbies.

Some exciting amenities you can expect with your independent living lifestyle include: 

  • Weekly light housekeeping and linen services
  • Health and wellness services
  • Dedicated resident parking
  • State-of-the-art fitness center
  • Social hours and gatherings

Independent living communities want you to know that you’ve earned your retirement and give you every opportunity to enjoy it.

Your comfort is essential, so the dedicated staff in your new independent living community will be available to assist you through the transition. 

Finding the Right Community

Active senior retirement communities are an excellent way to maintain your independence in retirement while enjoying an exciting, new outlook on life. An active senior retirement community can mean various things, but above all, it means enjoying your well-earned retirement!

Contact a professional to learn more about active senior communities and find the right lifestyle for you or your loved one.

Written by The Lodge at Truitt Homestead

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