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The Lodge at Truitt Homestead: February 2019 Construction Update

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It’s official! We’re half way through construction at The Lodge… That means we’re SO CLOSE to enjoying all the amazing services and amenities the community will offer! With the weather we’ve been having, we can’t wait to jump into that gorgeous indoor/outdoor pool and enjoy live music on the outdoor patio with full-service bar and fire pits.

The construction team has been busy with masonry and steel work, framing the interior and installing electrical, and getting started on the POOL!

Our community relations team has been busy helping many depositors make the decision to become Charter Members and select their new apartments. If you’re considering a move to The Lodge, the time to act and place a fully-refundable deposit is NOW. Apartment availability is dwindling, as are the opportunities to take advantage of pre-opening pricing.

Interested in checking things out further? Take a look at our monthly construction update video below.  Be sure to follow our page on Facebook for regular updates like this as well!

For more information on The Lodge, please call Michele Strum at 302-232-6372 or email [email protected].

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