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10 Outdoor Activities for Seniors

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A woman helping an older man garden.

As we age, we need hobbies to keep us busy and fulfilled. Retirement communities offer a valuable advantage: the opportunity to participate in activities with fellow residents. Engaging in these communal activities can positively impact both mental and physical well-being, making socialization a vital aspect of the retirement experience.

Many communities offer a great selection of indoor amenities like game rooms, theaters, and swimming pools. But it’s also important to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Walking or hiking, birdwatching, visiting a local event, and gardening are just a few activities seniors can enjoy outdoors.

10 Outdoor Activities for Seniors

This list is far from comprehensive because there is such a wide variety of things one can do outside. If nothing on this list strikes you as interesting, the caregiver team at your retirement community can probably give you some ideas.

Go for a Walk

Walking is great because it’s such an adaptable activity. It could be as light as an assisted loop around the community or a hike off-site. And if the fun of walking wasn’t enough, it offers fantastic health benefits.

Go Birdwatching

Southern Delaware is home to a variety of unique and beautiful birds. Birdwatching is an excellent low-impact outdoor activity that almost anyone can enjoy. And it can be combined with other activities, such as walking or hiking.

Visit a Local Event

Concerts, farmer’s markets, and cultural celebrations—Rehoboth Beach offers a wide range of fun and exciting events for the community. Get out of your comfort zone and explore what Rehoboth Beach has to offer

Go for a Hike

The CDC has recommendations for healthy activity levels for seniors. Hiking is typically vigorous—just 75 minutes of hiking a week meets the CDC’s recommendation. But always check with your healthcare provider before setting out on a strenuous hike to minimize the risk of health complications.

Take Up Gardening

Whether you live independently or in a community, gardening is a great excuse to get outside and can help you meet your weekly exercise needs. It also offers many mental health benefits along with physical benefits.

Read a Book

Reading isn’t necessarily an outdoor activity, but those who love to read understand the peace of sipping tea and reading a good book outside on a warm, sunny day.

Play Games

Games offer opportunities for socialization and outdoor fun. Some great options for outdoor games include bocce ball, horseshoes, croquet, or ring toss.

Do Yoga Outdoors

Yoga isn’t just for young people. Studies show that yoga has spectacular health benefits for seniors. And a nice thing about yoga is that it can be adapted to many environments—including outside.

A senior man teaching a senior woman how to play golf.

Take up Golf

Golf is an ideal outdoor activity for seniors, providing low-impact exercise, mental stimulation, and social interaction. It promotes physical fitness, mental acuity, and social connections, making it a perfect choice for a fulfilling retirement lifestyle.

Play “Tourist” for a Day

A fun way to step outside your comfort zone is by “playing tourist” for a day. Even if you’ve lived in Rehoboth Beach all your life, exploring the city like it’s your first time here can foster a deeper appreciation for the city’s treasures. 

Explore its charming attractions and coastal beauty. Wander the pristine beaches, savor local delicacies at beachfront restaurants, and browse unique boutiques. Embrace the joy of discovery and approach the city like you’re on a mini-vacation in your own backyard.

Retire with an Active Lifestyle

Retirement isn’t the time to stop doing the things you enjoy. While there’s a certain degree of “slowing down” where you aren’t go-go-go, you can still be outside, enjoying the sunshine and living a healthy, fulfilling life.If you or a loved one is considering retiring in Rehoboth, call us today. Our team can answer all your questions. And we’re happy to book you a community tour to see what makes The Lodge at Truitt Homestead so great.

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