COVID-19 Outbreak Plan in Rehoboth Beach

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The Lodge’s Response to COVID-19

The Lodge at Truitt Homestead is a family-owned company with strong ties to local businesses and our community. We’re proud of our team’s dedication and resilience in these challenging times. 

We understand the importance of teamwork and togetherness (even if we’re a little further apart!) and are committed to delivering on our promise of an exceptional lifestyle for our community members. 

Staying socially distant isn’t always easy in a tight-knit community like ours, but resident’s safety is of utmost importance. We’ll succeed by working together, as we always have.

Vantage Point Discusses COVID-19

Conversations With Our Co-Founders 

Chatting About COVID-19 & Infection Control 

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Independent Living

Luxury living, your way. Spend time doing what you love most while someone else takes care of the details. Flexible health and wellness services, a beautiful campus, and stunning, spacious apartments ensure your home is a welcome retreat after a fun-filled day. We value your independence, and our services are designed to help you retain it!

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